Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Rules fit for a monster? The human individual?

- Rules to serve the public and not the hungry for profit needs of providers, so-called entrepreneurs.
- Malthusian societies? Modern societies determined by bare subsistence wages?
- Are all individuals in a society considered potential offenders?

Laws and rules that they do not fall into the norms that drive human interactions, streamlined to paths that do not follow the painstakingly trodden by attractors, grooves. What the attractors that bear the norms, demand for.

State authorities asking for blind obedience, as any beat policeman will tell, your ignorance is not allowed, so fervently delivered in a stern, unforgiving manner, and profoundly unquestionable. An exterior which its main purpose is to dress with a shroud of importance meaningless code which barely touches what a human individual has to deal with, in its every day life.

Strict adherence to rules renders them stupid, as solutions offered are naive and short-sighted, as they are heavily influenced by monetising criteria, which utterly warp and distort the meaning coming out of even the most well-thought benign rules, barely touch the source of the problems, as they hardly manage to provide the solutions human individuals require

Rules which their natural place fit for shrines, objects to be revered and worshiped but not to be used, to deal with the problems individuals face in their every day lives.

As in their strict adherence, its enforcers miss the point, that the reason for the rules of being there in the first place is to facilitate the interactions of human individuals but instead the rules devised, their only purpose is to serve monetising interests.

Rules that deal with individuals problems, are in no need to be enforced, they are adhered by the individuals as it is the glue that keep societies intact.

The human individual has no need for anyone to tell them what to do.

The human individual is not the monster that so ingeniously is spread by states agencies and public media, that swamp human consciousness with the one in a million cases of aberrant behaviour examples, grossly exaggerated.

A fallacy constantly perpetuated by states agencies and public media held tight in the grip of monetising concerns and their acolytes.

So eagerly are out to convince us that the human individual is a monster to be afraid of and not the incessant strict adherence to monetise every bit of human activity that there is.

Adverts from state agencies, that their sole purpose for being aired is to twist and turn the feelings of a human individual for his fellow individuals, to drive them deeper into their cocoons, their comfort zones, isolate humanity, divide individuals and subsequently conquer, easy prey for all exploiters to squeeze out of them every bit of energy, and promptly monetise it.

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