Friday, 8 October 2010

Economy fails humanity.

The world must be freed from the current version of economy. The model doesn't work. Human individuals are not destined as minions in the hands of the privileged, that economy creates. Economy's role is to sort out the affairs of all individuals, in a manner that takes away from their hands the tasks of survival and self-preservation, deep-seated within each individual and such a goal is not served with the current economic model.

There is no survival success value of the survival of the fittest that passes through at the expense of the survival of the rest of human individuals. It is a pure disgrace the state of the world now-a-days, people struggling to survive amidst the opulence of the few at the current age and stage of humanity.

Their survival still at stake, humanity its hands tied by the false principles permeating the economic theories pursued.


  1. NESARA or the Abundance Program

    I am curious of your opinion on this. I followed the saga on fourwinds10 in the casper updates

    at one time but I did not understand the source of the funds, therefore I shelfed it as a distortion, which I am now rethinking.


  2. Hi crystl37. Thanks. I followed your exposure in the internet and I find it quite intriguing. I will look at the link you provide and I will get back to you. Thanks again.

  3. Here is another link on the same subject.

    Now I am questioning my decision to pursue this subject-NESARA-what a mess! However, it does provide an extremely interesting dynamic, viewed objectively, as an observer of the processes, with no regard as to content.