Wednesday, 7 October 2009

An aspect in people's chaotic lives driven by the norm of competition

.. competitive tracts brings out chaos .. in people's lives ... conduct .. behaviour .. in daily acts in the lives of individuals .. depend on the thoughts communicated .. sentences, phrases, words used .. that carry a weight .. which determines the quality of the transactions .. the interaction between individuals .. the processes undertaken by individuals .. while engaging with other individuals ..

.. the weight carried, and what carries the interactions through is not assessed .. equally .. similarly .. by the individuals involved ..

.. a hindrance in the relationships that unfold .. and determine the acts of the individuals .. a lack of knowledge .. distorts the acts performed .. they do not fully represent the individual ..

.. lack of knowledge which undermines .. the status, the self-esteem in any individual ..

.. in order to maintain composure necessary for the individual to function under the constraints of competition prevalent in the midst of societies .. the lack of knowledge is compensated, ... by a rigid, irrational traits .. as it refuses to acknowledge its lack of knowledge .. as it will undermine its composure .. it has to hide its lack of knowledge, seeing it as a threat .. under a veil of assuredness ..

.. reluctant to accept .. becomes ignorant .. of its human co-creators .. sets other individuals in a framework

in its efforts to assert authority .. anger ensues .. as the scope .. in an altercation .. and the perspective seen through narrows .. the narrow perspective obstructs from seeing .. the alternative views ..existing .. expressed by the other individuals involved .. that represents the weight bestowed upon the matter at bay ... the problem .. for which solution is sought .. and as a result balance is not achieved

loud voices .. as each one tries to pass through the point that represents its view .. the exchange of words that represents the thoughts that carry the weight .. each individual

if the situation is not resolved .. the problem would not go away .. and will continue .. to surface unresolved .. anger should be used constructively .. and though the loud voices act as ... to register the message delivered stronger .. by increasing its impact .. on the other person .. as well as a sign how strong are the feelings .. the situation is felt by the individual .. the weight assumed by the individual

perceived status .. what the weight refers to .. what undermines this status .. is fought against .. competition brings about a tendency by individuals to overwhelm other individuals .. to override their will their influence upon them .. subjugate the other individuals will

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