Monday, 31 December 2007

"Use-it-or-lose-it" pruning of brain cells. An on-the-fly brain mechanism for dynamic minds?

Does the pruning of unused synapses happens more often and much faster than has been thought of? Does the phrase 'make-up my mind' is a literal equivalent of a pruning process, the severing of all unused synapses, lightening the burden, getting rid off unnecessary baggage and therefore streamlining the thinking process? Coupled with an equally fast ability to form new synapses? On-the-fly? Thus improving the efficiency of the thought process? The analysis of the problem and the solution used to assist in the making of a decision?

And any difference attributed to individuals, depend upon how fast or how slow that pruning and synapse-forming processes are? Which would determine the levels of efficiency? That probably would entail a better use of neurotransmitter substances or other brain-enhancing chemicals produced by cells, their production directly controlled by the genes in genetic make-up carried by individuals? A quick learner's aptitude based on an ability to create synapses very fast, on-the-fly?

Creativity and other innovative faculties a result of the speed of forming of synapses between disparate locations in the brain? And the oblivion that sets in, on the ways we take, in the course of our lives, a paradigm shift in every level, a literal cutting off of the synapses responsible for the abandoned thought processes? A severe pruning that makes us to totally forget our old ways?

Responsible for the mind we carry day-by-day for our daily needs? And even responsible for the mind we use for gradually longer periods? A survival mechanism and the reason we maintain imperfect consciousnesses?

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