Thursday, 20 December 2007

Consciousness sinister role

Consciousness plays a much bigger and more sinister role, than I would expect or have even contemplated as yet. Because not only from within an individual but from the mirrors of its image in other individuals, a yours/theirs consciousness, is ever ready to praise or mollify you.

It is when you identify yourself, sheepishly follow, with whatever it prescribes for you, hooked hopelessly to whims of yours/theirs consciousness, when everything goes awry. The mirrored consciousness becomes enhanced, blown out of proportion, exaggerated. You usually become trapped, unable to get free, either from its deriding claws, a helpless pawn or a pitiful buffoon from its overindulgent attention, when it places you in a pedestal.

It has been widely accepted that the human individual is a social being, that can not exist by itself. That the human individual thrives among other individuals. That idea brings along a horde of other ideas, which are needless and surplus to requirements and incapacitate our potential. Hinders our efforts to think of ourselves, by ourselves, for ourselves. Our consciousness development is overly influenced. Instead of the individual promoting its singleness, it submits unquestionably to the commands of a pack consciousness, our very own consciousness becoming the overseer.

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