Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Social consciousness contents

Julian Jaynes puts as the generating power that created consciousness, the language. That consciousness as we know it has evolved as a result of the evolution of language.

Social consciousness and its contents need be examined as I suspect it plays an important role in shaping the way the individual makes decisions.

Concepts and especially redundant concepts that have developed as consciousness has evolved, determine its contents, the stimuli that consciousness will draw its attention to.

Concepts that do not reflect reality have created a world of their own, and are responsible for the illusions individuals have in deciphering what reality is. As they are not directly related to reality therefore their contents are out of reality, they are unreal, only illusions.

Therefore in order to clear the debris consciousness is riddled with, we should look at language as language is responsible for bringing them in, spawn them, in the first place. And we are talking about the 'problem solving/decision making' consciousness mainly. The language made it and the language controls it. Language is responsible for its drawbacks, flaws as well as its ... advantages.

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