Saturday, 3 March 2012

The unconscious in society.

Monetary policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Expansionary policy is traditionally used to try to combat unemployment in a recession by lowering interest rates in the hope that easy credit will entice businesses into expanding. Contractionary policy is intended to slow inflation in hopes of avoiding the resulting distortions and deterioration of asset values."

.. in the hope that easy credit will entice businesses into expanding ..

.. contractionary policy is intended to slow inflation in hopes of avoiding the resulting distortions and deterioration of asset values ..

.. in hope .. we trust .. a direct ..what? .. approximation? .. of .. Hayek's quote .. "...because any individual knows only a small fraction of all which is known collectively."

The Use of Knowledge in Society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"In Hayek's words, "The marvel is that in a case like that of a scarcity of one raw material, without an order being issued, without more than perhaps a handful of people knowing the cause, tens of thousands of people whose identity could not be ascertained by months of investigation, are made to use the material or its products more sparingly; that is, they move in the right direction."

.. what the fuck .. is that..

.. without an order being issued .. the order.. lack or not .. representing .. the price signal ..

fuck off .. the use of knowledge in society .. the unconscious society ..

my mind .. has performed .. an association .. it was not planned .. or driven .. as .. the threads that connect them .. associate them .. barely stand .. no matter .. the association has been performed .. and it is there .. for my mind to put ..substance in it .. meaning .. to draw .. more threads it and by ..thickening .. the population of threads .. to glean out the procedure .. involved

the unconscious in society ..contemplated .. for different reasons .. to explain what drives government ..or state administration personnel .. at various states around the world .. against the system that they are an integral part of .. undermining the very system .. that they are part of .. finally undermining their very own position ..

the unconscious .. in the brain .. in the mind the brain makes .. the ..(well let us say it as such) .. contribution to the unconscious .. that brain neurons ..make .. either .. on their own .. single neurons .. or in groups .. assemblies of neurons .. and from that taken it to the level of societies .. having instead of neurons .. individuals .. on their own .. single individuals .. or in groups .. comittees or other bodies ..

though ..right now .. as I think of it .. with regards of societies .. and what triggered .. the unconscious in society ..idea .. involves individuals and groups of individuals .. which are the officials in state and government .. the upper levels in the hierarchy of society ..

that implies .. the individual precedent that overwhelms .. and overrides any demands that belonging in group ..entails ..

without meaning that the same attributes of .. the unconscious in society not evident in other levels in the hierarchy of the society .. and that it is less important .. nevertheless .. whatever the level .. individuals act in the same way .. that neurons act ..

individuals .. either singly or in groups .. represent .. the unconscious in the society ..

despite that .. my thoughts still ..require closure .. the connection in Hayek's words .. between .. the scarcity of a resource .. and ..its sparing use .. by people .. without the information .. being relayed between the two points .. explicitly .. which .. amounts to ..being relayed .. unconsciously

.. or .. better put it .. being relayed ..via .. deeper levels .. that evades .. participants ..awareness

what can think about it .. the idea of the ..invisible hand .. attributed to this Hayek's ..line of thoughts .. comes forth .. but does not explain ..

one thing that brings relevance to it .. is Goertzel's idea .. what came out of it .. the different levels .. that the visual system .. is built out of .. and whatever scene or object is visualised .. is processed ..from bottom to top .. analysed .. in its entirety .. from what it is comprised of .. from lines and circles .. to more complex planes .. level-by-level ..

the idea behind it .. that all these .. are performed .. without the individual bearing the brain .. being aware .. unconsciously .. what the individual is aware of .. is the final outcome of all these .. complicated processes .. that took place .. had to take place .. for the object or scene .. to be seen ..

but referring to that unconscious .. either for the brain/mind and .. society .. doesn't explain .. how does that happen ..

one .. line of thought .. is what has been .. well, say it .. discovered .. about the 4.74 degrees of separation .. between the whole earth population .. the unseen contacts that implies .. channels that computations across

the equivalent ..of the synapses in neurons .. highly ..interconnected ..

the knowledge holistic .. may ..each one holds .. just a little bit ..of it .. but as a whole .. we possess ..all

that ought to give a perspective .. for the whole amount of ideas .. existing for the entire population on earth .. embodies the 'body of knowledge' .. that ideas do not travel .. at least not ..only .. by the ..physical .. traditional .. media .. but .. through the highly interconnected .. people network .. all over the world .. the one that is .. 4.74 degrees .. apart