Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Replacement to utter dumbfounding degree, effortlessly as if seemingly out of nowhere. Practices that are not what is agreed on, vanish into thin air.

.. becoming evident ..to all .. new pieces keep popping up ..

.. replacement .. to utter dumbfounding degree .. effortlessly .. as if .. seemingly out of nowhere .. practices that are not ..what is agreed upon .. vanish into thin air ..

.. changes upheld .. at the most fundamental level .. people ..

.. the past to current practices followed .. keep disappearing .. automatically ..extinguish .. what was the norm ..up to now .. will be .. no more ..

.. what is underlying the crisis .. the world over .. the global economic crisis ..

.. people keep asserting .. strengthening the attractors .. what is agreed upon .. and continue inventing new ways .. to deal with each other .. new attractors to trod on .. their innovation potential .. immense ..

Friday, 25 November 2011

the priorities ..of living for individual .. and societies .. and of companies

Chaotic Logic .. p. 34 .. the brain .. massively parallel ..

"One way to predict the future of a system, given certain assumptions about its present and about the laws governing its behavior, is to simply simulate the system. But this is inefficient, for a very simple physicalistic reason. Unlike most contemporary digital computers, the brain works in parallel -- there are a hundred billion neurons working at once, plus an unknown multitude of chemical reactions interacting with and underlying this neural behavior. And each neuron is a fairly complicated biochemical system, a far cry from the on-off switch in a digital computer. But when one simulates a system, one goes one step at a time . To a certain extent, this wastes the massive parallelism of the brain."

.. waste ..indeed ..

redundancy .. in processes .. .. what it is asked to achieve .. the task in mind .. a barrage of processes .. targeted .. targeted? .. not exactly .. they are not directed to a specific target .. they are unleashed .. to any exposed receptors .. for whatever outcome .. they might elicit .. beneficial or harmful ..

they are not silver bullets ..

brain .. brain waves .. unleashed .. sweep around .. to make .. mind

parallel .. vs. serial .. what is the difference .. the subtle ..difference ..

p.35 .. trends in practical computing .. the development of parallel-processing computers .. when these .. expected .. to outperform .. conventional serial computers .. and by what margin ..

"So, the question is, is simulation the best a mind can do, or are there short-cuts? This question ties in with some pressing problems of modern mathematics and theoretical computer science. One of the biggest trends in modern practical computer science is the development of parallel processing computers, and it is of great interest to know when these computers can outperform conventional serial computers, and by what margin."

parallel computing .. equated to quantum computing .. parallel .. superposition

individuals .. sold short .. mind-boggling .. thoroughly wasteful .. numbing senses .. for the individual .. and for society at large .. lacking meta-knowledge .. the attribute that reveals .. the potential hidden within an individual .. paramount .. a vitally necessary practice .. to be incorporated in the corpus of the processes each individual undertakes to solve any problems ..

meta-knowledge .. knowing .. attempting to gain knowledge .. of how knowledge is gained .. how .. we are good at what we do good .. and how we are bad at what we do bad.. the mechanisms underlying .. responsible .. lurking underneath .. at what we all do .. builds out from .. fathom the mechanisms .. delve deep into them .. become extremely familiar with them ..

sustenance .. survival .. personal .. of those around us .. should be surpassed .. become the least .. of our worries .. concerns about them .. ought to be eliminated ..

survival .. sustenance ought to be the last things in their brains to deal with .. the ultimate goal for all that a human mind is able to provide .. to be put to good use .. the concerted efforts .. the collective grapple

to make that possible ..

individual .. and society .. ought to realise .. the waste .. that adherence to the prerogative that money puts forth .. its levelling off .. of all human individuals qualities are capable off .. is a destroyer and will lead to the ultimate demise .. of societies ..of human individuals .. of humanity ..proper

the money have been .. in its time .. what propelled in the forefront .. human ingenuity .. tenacity .. in itself ..a destroyer .. of old antiquated social structures .. created an upheaval ..

the new structures built .. have themselves grown stale .. old and antiquated .. outdated .. and ought to be replaced .. this process has already started .. it's ongoing .. nothing can stop it .. the old structures .. and whoever is clinging on them .. ought to realise .. resistance is futile .. can not go against the tide .. Assands .. Salehs .. Merkels .. Sarkozys .. Goldman Sachs .. bankers .. and all others from your very own battered fortresses .. give in .. instead .. be constructive .. contribute

money .. has surpassed .. outlived ..its usefulness ..

societies .. allocate .. goods and services and not make a big deal about it .. simple processes put in place .. focus on the goal .. do not sway .. divert .. get distracted .. by any other considerations .. monetary values, alien to human nature .. an obstacle .. to what is required to be achieved .. to render free the brains of individuals .. to create networks that will propel humanity to its utmost ..

the priorities ..of living for individual .. and societies .. and of companies

is it a matter .. that their brains ..rendered useless .. lobotomised .. to fulfil .. a premise .. the premise .. the orderly running of societies ..

the individual a gorging machine .. out to consume .. .. everything ..that crosses its path .. an all-out quest .. to swallow relentlessly .. a voracious appetite .. always hungry .. and always thirsty ..


processes .. act independently .. entities on their own .. a system by itself ..

.. elicit responses .. their reach .. universal .. spread .. their target, obliging receptors .. whatever or ..whoever receives them .. and responds to .. them .. responses .. range from harmful to beneficial ..

.. redundancy .. generated .. copiously .. in waves .. wave-like .. .. the instructions are unleashed .. in waves .. brain-waves .. as well as, ideas, notions, concepts .. all that the human brain .. concocts out of its constant battle with life ..

the originator .. the source ..

societies .. the principles .. the ideals .. adhered by ..

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Structures enabling/disabling humankind evolution.

structures .. already present .. do their jobs for them .. dictate .. describe .. define ..

structures .. already in place .. concepts .. structures themselves .. priming thoughts .. guiding thoughts ..

structuralism .. an aspect .. but structures to what avail .. structures that demand .. our minds to succumb .. to their mighty rule ..

our destiny in jeopardy ..

for the sake of retaining their integrity .. acquire a momentum .. that drags people, societies, states ..along .. wanted or ..unwanted ..

regardless ..and irrespective .. their validity .. their usefulness .. for people .. for societies .. for communities .. for states ..

overwhelming and overriding ..influence .. uncalled for .. detrimental .. to progress .. growth .. harmful to the very evolution ..of humankind ..

politicians ..the most out of all .. clinging to power .. unable to see .. beyond the extent posed by the limits of their domains ..

literally .. their very own ..high-nose .. .. extremely challenged .. incapable ..unfit .. to produce what their position demands .. calls for ..

.. the chambers ....in the midst of which .. they are hiding .. trembling ..in fear of loss .. of life, limb and possessions ..

filled by .. surrounded by .. clones .. that look, think and act alike .. alien

out of an inane .. and insane idea .. shoved down our throats .. that societies .. can not do without .. their shiny god-blessed grey matter

allowed to ride .. their high horses .. our very own wretched backs .. to do their thing .. to what avail ..

"We look for those objects that we expect to see, and we look for those shapes that we are used to seeing."

"We look for those objects that we expect to see, and we look for those shapes that we are used to seeing."

.. the extent our perceptions ..can take us to ..

.. static views of the world .. sterilised .. resisting change .. ignoring the dynamic aspect states are endowed with

... misleading .. untrustworthy .. have to intervene .. to clear our views .. currently held knowledge of concepts a deterrent .. obstructs our views ..

.. the concepts .. the notions ..upon which we base our lives on .. are just a glimpse of what is there for us to see .. and we don't see as .. their view is hindered by the tight hold .. we assign to ..our present .. our current knowledge of the concepts and notions ..

infallibility syndrome .. overwhelms our being .. rendering us useless .. unable to cope ..

.. denying ourselves the broader view nature offers to us

Friday, 8 April 2011

Thinking (with)in and (with)out the brain .. feedback?

Thinking (with)in and (with)out the brain .. feedback?

whatever have driven me .. to postulate such thing ..

"The human brain's understanding of reality, has an uncanny capability to provide solutions that no language techniques can match. This is because it works in the same way nature works. What drives nature is dictated by chaos, and the same goes for the brain. Built out of the same blueprint. It works in ways that the conscious mind can not fathom, and unable to follow. To talk about gaining knowledge of what underlies the intricate fabric of nature, this can only be revealed by utilising the intuitive powers of the human brain. All knowledge that exists is already there and our brain knows 'where'. We should let our brain to take us there. Each individual has this knowledge within its grasp. Let our brain guide us."

Sunday, 3 April 2011

"It implies that, as Whorf and Saussure claimed, languages are semantically closed, or very nearly so."

"It implies that, as Whorf and Saussure claimed, languages are semantically closed, or very nearly so."

.. semantically closed .. a quite intriguing assumption .. or precept .. if it could be called that .. but what someone would call it .. its significance goes beyond .. semantic considerations .. it is what .. brings into my mind about the nature ..of the worlds .. the realities that people construct and live in .. which goes hand-in hand with what is mentioned .. in that treatise

"And it tells that the relation between mind and reality is one of intersubjectivity: minds create a reality by sharing an appropriate type of belief system, and then they live in the reality which they create."

.. there are profound .. revelations in that work of Chaotic Logic .. too many to deal with in a planned, rational manner .. and since such an approach doesn't suit me .. embracing my own personal attribute of chaotic logic .. rather chaotic logic's personally added attribute .. equated with taking hold of the spur of the moment .. or being in the hold of the spur of the moment .. let the concepts develop themselves .. instead of assume a sort of prominence of the concepts ..over the self ..

Ben Goertzel's work puts the concepts in an organised manner ..

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Viral (messages and so on) meet with initial conditions

.. one single neuron out of the billions of the human brain .. thus connected into our brain's circuitry .. the blueprints of its architecture .. to determine the state of our mind .. wholly .. in any given moment and/or place

the fluctuations in this single neuron's being .. are felt .. in the whole brain

that alongside the conditions prevailing .. presented as the initial conditions .. the sensitivity possessed

such a mechanism exists in the human world too .. each single individual ..a single neuron .. an individual .. out of the billions of individuals .. upon this world .. the world's circuitry .. the blueprints of its architecture .. determines the state of the world .. in any given moment and/or place ..

the world's circuitry? .. the blueprints of its architecture? .. it is obvious to all that such a potential is given by the advent of the internet ..

combined with what is known as the conditions .. the powerful status, they represent .. as initial conditions .. the notion ..

a glimpse is coming out .. as to the nature of the initial conditions .. in the world of humans .. is in what has been called .. viral ..

which despite the effort to use its conceived essence for own ends .. staged events .. interpret it to suit .. paltry imitations ..

using .. the property by virtue of the word used (i.e. viral) imply .. uncontrolled proliferation .. virulence .. spreading wildly .. all-consuming .. depicting chaos's main premise .. the overwhelming outcomes .. out of tiny inputs ..

Or what is passed on in the following extract from "Fractal Neurodynamics and Quantum Chaos : .." publication ..

"Arbitrarily small fluctuations are thus inflated into global instabilities by the "butterfly effect", .."

the spreading of viral diseases .. from the tinniest of living creatures .. viruses .. and even their method of accomplishing such tasks .. points to initial conditions

.. the nature of these conditions being .. where someone should look for the initial conditions to set .. in the deeper structures .. these structures underneath .. to what is visible .. the structures underlying .. to what is initially observed ..

and such structures are found ..in the very human individual .. its make-up .. what makes us tick .. idiosyncrasies

Quantum Neurodynamics
to my great astonishment .. pleased to that effect .. that they are more individuals contributing their thoughts .. to that matter .. full articles away from the claws of scientific publications who ask exorbitant fees to read their papers .. Springer and so on .. keeping it jealously away from the public to bear witness ..

merging the advances in quantum physics and neuroscience .. apace .. trying all different combinations to that effect .. preparing the future ..