Saturday, 5 February 2011

Viral (messages and so on) meet with initial conditions

.. one single neuron out of the billions of the human brain .. thus connected into our brain's circuitry .. the blueprints of its architecture .. to determine the state of our mind .. wholly .. in any given moment and/or place

the fluctuations in this single neuron's being .. are felt .. in the whole brain

that alongside the conditions prevailing .. presented as the initial conditions .. the sensitivity possessed

such a mechanism exists in the human world too .. each single individual ..a single neuron .. an individual .. out of the billions of individuals .. upon this world .. the world's circuitry .. the blueprints of its architecture .. determines the state of the world .. in any given moment and/or place ..

the world's circuitry? .. the blueprints of its architecture? .. it is obvious to all that such a potential is given by the advent of the internet ..

combined with what is known as the conditions .. the powerful status, they represent .. as initial conditions .. the notion ..

a glimpse is coming out .. as to the nature of the initial conditions .. in the world of humans .. is in what has been called .. viral ..

which despite the effort to use its conceived essence for own ends .. staged events .. interpret it to suit .. paltry imitations ..

using .. the property by virtue of the word used (i.e. viral) imply .. uncontrolled proliferation .. virulence .. spreading wildly .. all-consuming .. depicting chaos's main premise .. the overwhelming outcomes .. out of tiny inputs ..

Or what is passed on in the following extract from "Fractal Neurodynamics and Quantum Chaos : .." publication ..

"Arbitrarily small fluctuations are thus inflated into global instabilities by the "butterfly effect", .."

the spreading of viral diseases .. from the tinniest of living creatures .. viruses .. and even their method of accomplishing such tasks .. points to initial conditions

.. the nature of these conditions being .. where someone should look for the initial conditions to set .. in the deeper structures .. these structures underneath .. to what is visible .. the structures underlying .. to what is initially observed ..

and such structures are found the very human individual .. its make-up .. what makes us tick .. idiosyncrasies

Quantum Neurodynamics
to my great astonishment .. pleased to that effect .. that they are more individuals contributing their thoughts .. to that matter .. full articles away from the claws of scientific publications who ask exorbitant fees to read their papers .. Springer and so on .. keeping it jealously away from the public to bear witness ..

merging the advances in quantum physics and neuroscience .. apace .. trying all different combinations to that effect .. preparing the future ..