Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The persistent endeavour of the human individual towards its goal to be happier. The brain hurts.

The persistent endeavour of the human individual towards its goal to be happier. Overriding and all-consuming in every aspect of all actions and reactions in one's lifetime. Learning to be happy? An organised approach? Certainly yes, it is a matter that should not be left to mere chance.

Ms Gretchen Rubin and the reach personal teases out provide a framework within which such an approach should be elaborated in.

It is mentioned in the website

"It is an account of the year she spent test-driving

... the wisdom of the ages,
... the current scientific studies, and ..
... the lessons from popular culture

about how to be happier.

The key-words account, ..test-driving, ..wisdom, ..scientific studies, ..popular culture .. all-inclusive.., each individual creating an account based upon the wisdom accumulated over the ages, the incisive cutting-edge clarity afforded by scientific study, concepts involved drilled down to their most basic ingredients revealed to their full potential, no stone left unturned.

Further, ..

"We have asked Ms. Rubin to follow-up with what she

... learned about happiness,
... social engagement, and ...
... her personal brand ...

in the process of writing the book.

Learned happiness, and by learning constantly assimilating what is learned in achieving a happier state, assisted via effective social engagement, culminated into a personality conducive to such goal, are all worthwhile pursuits.

However, Ms Rubin published a book called 'Power Money Fame Sex: A User's Guide is biting social criticism in the form of a user's manual.' This combination alters matters, as when these four dimensions are combined together provide a mixture that is explosive, undermining the goal proclaimed. Their goal a happiness that lacks the main ingredient .. happiness itself. What is pursued is never reached. What is sought after is never achieved or if you like would never be achieved.

Marred by the unyielding combination of money with the other three genuine traits of the human individual, her framework collapses to a reject which needs to be addressed, revised despite that can be regarded as acceptable, that it is not wander such an inclusion would pervade in the framework, as it is a product of the current age and trend where money still dominates society and the minds of people, and though there are people and in all people at a certain time that the thought had entered into, that money do not fit with the pursuit of happiness itself.

But unable to think out alternatives the mere thought of living without money causing pain and discomfort, and that starts with the brain architecture itself for anything that a change is paramount, forced upon an unprepared brain structure, the whole gamut of thoughts we produce, create is out of the mass of neurons tightly woven by synapses, re-arrangement of these synapses the re-alignment needed to accommodate a change is an enormous task, a change that requires a complete overhaul, a change in central deep neuron architecture is bound to have an enormous impact upon the well-being of an individual giving one a headache a migraine. The brain hurts. Such an enormous task should be undertaken in steps, bit-by-bit one step at a time ..

Tweeter rant ..

Power Money Fame Sex ... fuck !!! .. the inclusion of money .. the illusion of money .. how does that affect .. the other three? .. power .. fame .. sex .. distort .. the other three .. warp ..

power .. money, the crutch .. the colt-45 .. that makes individuals equal .. not with what nature has endowed them with .. and the wit to outdo nature ..
fame .. bought and sold .. by money ..
sex .. likewise .. by money ..

.. how does that affect .. reaching each other ..out ..

money .. the cane to poke with .. what one wants to poke out .. what the other is reluctant to poke out what is poked for ..

.. finally forced to poke out .. against one's own will .. what is poked for .. succumbing to the poking .. money avails ..

.. a veil hiding what one wants to share with the other .. perverting nature and wit ..

.. happiness? .. surrounded .. expressed .. by money .. what kind of happiness .. is this? .. over-the-counter happiness .. shelves have plenty of it ..

brain architecture abhors change .. is not conducive to change .. our brains our enemies .. brains hate change ..

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