Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Rules to serve the public and not the hungry for profit needs of providers, so-called entrepreneurs.

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When the rules are not devised to serve the needs of the public, but instead to serve the needs of the providers (the hungry for profits mob) of the service. And the needs of the providers are not even close, to what the service to the public is for, in the first place. The legislation devised is so terribly warped towards serving the needs of the providers that there is hardly anything useful for the public to benefit from. The whole procedure ends up being a money-making scheme, that is an affront, an embarrassment (if these individuals are capable of sensing it), and certainly a mock to the face of the public.

As in this article in Shawn Olson's Creative Arts website, is proclaimed

"Those industries that have snuck through the back door of the legislative process (like auto insurers) have created a monster in the system that is a giant parasite on the American economy—private companies are essentially taxing the American public."

Rules that prove to be a menace to society, rules that promote values that erode its fabric, poison the relationships between its members, a scourge to humanity. Money-making, profits vile notions, that their mere mention should run chills down the spines of individuals, even in their tinniest of expression, their most imperceptible hints.

Rules to serve the public and not the hungry for profit needs of providers, so-called entrepreneurs. It is out of the mind of these imaginative entrepreneurs the practices mentioned in this website are quite common in societies the world over

".. they also increase the cost of health care because of the plans that pass covered patients’ bills onto insurance companies… allowing hospitals to charge extortionately higher for medications that would otherwise cost much less."

In Ayn Rand's originated individualist cult, where Alan Greenspan's brilliant mind was nurtured in, in the introduction in their website, under the title 'Atlas shrugged at 50' they mention

"She contrasted these heroes with pseudo-businessmen, looters who were more interested in appearance than products; who used government to extort wealth from others; and who were guilty and ashamed of their prosperity."

Pseudo-businessmen? That is the only kind of entrepreneur that survives. It is the norm and not its exception.

To my mind and it should be in everybody's mind, entrepreneurs equals unscrupulous individuals that will do anything to protect their self-interest, their profits and nothing else. The modern day version of Attila the Hun.

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