Monday, 15 September 2008

Cheat, the form trust is abundantly displayed in social interactions

Everybody is out there in order to cheat everyone else. Why? It largely comes out from a lack of trust in themselves. Always in doubt of themselves. Self-respect at its lowest points.

Society demands a lot. High expectations, as a result everyone feels under par. As if they do not amount to anything, therefore they hide their inner self from other people in fear of being exposed. They hide even from (and especially) their own self. They feel they have to cheat their way out in.

Instead of being themselves, they pretend to be somebody else. A trend, a mode of behaviour which is aptly taken up by media of whatever form, which bombard the public with unreal, idealized images of certain individuals, celebrities and the like, perpetuating an image of inadequacy in the individuals at large, hugely exploited for senseless financial gains, undermining further individuals self-esteem and their development of empowered personalities.

A reciprocal relationship where their short-sighted, petty financial gains and the drive of individuals towards empowerment act as incompatible forces. Their incessant greed for more monies counteract the development of empowered personalities in individuals.

The more their gains the deeper their readership disorients into meaningless personal states.

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