Sunday, 5 October 2008


An interesting account of monopolies evolution in America and the result of the current framework of today's multinational companies. Certainly they are responsible for quite a lot of the misery prevalent in this world a Darwinian parody played over and over but from the other point they provided the infrastructure which in today's state of the world is capable of sustaining its growth.

As, behind the monopoly idea is included the creation of an infrastructure necessary to furnish the needs of ever increasing populations in a suitable manner. By becoming bigger a company takes into consideration a larger size of the world and therefore its increase is directed towards fulfilling the demands put forward by that larger size.

By becoming a monopoly is able to channel more resources to acquire these objectives. Maybe the drive to create more profits is what pushed these companies to assume such a role, but while doing so they have managed to built the infrastructure necessary today. Because beyond their immediate needs for more profits, in the framework they were operating, they could not have achieved this, if they were not providing an ever-increasing standard of service for an ever-increasing population base.

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