Monday, 20 October 2008

Time-constraints and emotion-led considerations in the unfounded fear of chaos by individuals

Uncharted draft thoughts on the inexplicable fear of chaotic by individuals.

"A draft Housing Law intended to halt chaotic development and stabilise the real estate market was introduced to the Nation."

this statement in, an advocates and solicitors firm from Vietnam, struck me as a misnomer, in the way I see it. Why would the meaning coming out from that sentence feel odd to me? To halt chaotic development? As far as I could say, individuals should not wish to halt chaotic development as chaotically developed states are the ones that explore all possible arrangements and provide the solutions someone seeks for. Halting chaotic development you stop a tool with which you explore a given field. Without that tool you would not be able to develop the appropriate solutions for the problem at hand.

Chunks of time for a chaotic development to devolve, chunks which might exceed the expectations of time limits as perceived by the individuals involved. The attention of individuals need to span through the length of time a chaotic state development require to fulfill its goal, the attractors final states to which they lead to. The widely discomforting feeling individuals are grabbed with, is when they find themselves within the transitory stage of the developing chaotic situation, what is referred to as being amidst the chaos, as emotions run high.

The main concern is to make sure that the initial conditions are kept intact as the desired final state, the attractors to be reached dictate. Further, while in the process of developing should make sure that the objectives are not compromised.

Certainly the time evolution that development takes might not follow the time evolution of the individuals involved. It would take time for the appropriate attractors to emerge. Time which might even be more even from the life cycle of human lives could span. And certainly, while in that transitory stage, what the individuals experience is confusing and disheartening. What one experiences and attributes as chaotic. But that view is shortsighted and largely prone to interference by emotionally triggered factors. It clouds judgment, as individuals are oriented towards satisfying short-term goals.

The chaotic development looked as a whole? A whole that is unfolding not in space but in time? States ever changing till they reach a level that can be called final states? Final states that can be desirable or undesirable? Their course determined by the parametres, and specifically the values of the parametres at the start of their evolution? Parameters, and values of parametres that define the initial conditions? And the chaotic development undergoes by following the dictum of sensitive dependence, in the initial conditions?

Laws devised should set the parameter values defining the initial conditions which, after the chaotic development will lead to the final states which are deemed as desirable? The sought up attractors? The chaotic progress checked while is developing by measuring the convergence or divergence towards the final states? The final states being the desirable states and would represent the goals sought? Take into account a measure based in the concept of the Lyapunov exponents?

Seeking out chaotic development is paramount. Once the goals are set, laws, their sole aim, should be introduced to set the stage, the initial conditions. Laws should be clear and adhere to the objectives put forth. Any other approach will compromise the development of the sought after chaotic attractors.

As in this page is stated

"The National Assembly passed the Law on the Real Estate Business on June 21. Under the law, to take effect on January 1, 2007, individuals, organisations, foreigners and overseas Vietnamese will be authorised to offer real estate services including brokerage and agency, appraisal, marketing, and consultancy."

the provision of the relevant services have no bounds. In an open world, service providers come from everywhere.

However, the stipulations in the laws about the requirements of the individuals seeking to participate in this field

"Article 50 provides that an individual who wants to be granted a broker’s license shall (i) have full civil act capacity, (ii) be trained in real estate brokerage, and (iii) submit a dossier to the provincial People’s Committee."


"The requirements for becoming licensed as a real estate appraiser are higher, including: (i) full civil act capacity, (ii) training in real estate appraisal, (iii) a college or university degree, and (iv) submission of a dossier to the provincial People’s Committee."

are interpretable in so many ways, the laws are rendered vague and compromises their effect. Introduce other considerations alien to the goals will hinder the objectives sought after.

The only credential should be required for individuals entering such an enterprise it should be the provision of the service. Certainly Vietnam's desire for a stable housing market should be aware of the pitfalls capitalist economies are writhed with. The greed of the entrepreneurs involved inherent in the capitalist way of thinking. If full civil act capacity and the dossier required to submit to provincial People's Committees aim towards ensuring that the initial conditions necessary for the sought after final states in the chaotic development, are intact, s not clear. Final states where housing becomes available that satisfies the needs of individuals.

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