Thursday, 25 December 2008

Why personality change is so hard? Because monetizing societies squeeze every inch out of the lives of the individuals amidst them.

Blatant remark, in the 'Set in Our Ways: Why Change Is So Hard', article in scientific american mind?

"Personality can continue to change somewhat in middle and old age, but openness to new experiences tends to decline gradually until about age 60. After that, some people become more open again, perhaps because their responsibilities for raising a family and earning a living have been lifted."

Killing dreams, shun new experiences? Why? Openness to new experiences decline until about 60. The age for retirement? Retirement from what?

Their squeezed out lives, being trapped in the cogs of western or westernized economies, pressured from any angle possible, sentenced to live their lives out, in the service of economic interests, which their sole purpose is to accumulate wealth that its bulk is siphoned in the pockets of a handful of individuals.

Leaving the equivalent of crumbs, as reward for their toil, a meager flow of wealth carefully administered so they can barely sustain vital functions for their survival and that of their families. Never a moment's peace.

Keeping them constantly on their toes, with sparse moments for rest through their whole working lives.

How can they ever be able to sustain the fervour of their youth?

No wonder the 22-year-old Christopher McCandless, chose death to a life, so ruthlessly drained of its force.

'Set in Our Ways', and the only thing offered is “The shortest path to oneself leads around the world.”, trivializing a trait responsible for the stagnant societies, the world over. As usually.

The whole article is a mock to the face of every individual, and they have the audacity to throw it in piles.

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