Thursday, 31 May 2007

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Pre-conceived ideas about the qualities of the culture, each one of us belongs to and prefabricated notions of other cultures and their members. Off the self in each culture's megastore, be that French, American, Chinese, Siamese, ready made, handy, for all occasions and all circumstances.

hand-me-downs from father to son, from mother to daughter, generation after generation as old as the hills that surrounds us, solid strong, written on stone, petrified and putrefied.

they need the exchange of ideas

each culture eventually reaches a point where there is a stalemate, it requires a fresh load of ideas, notions, conceptions to carry on and where could somebody find new ideas, sometimes mature ready for picking, but in the ideas proliferated in other cultures. By denigrating other cultures they are denying themselves a rich cauldron of ideas which if they were infused in their culture would have provided solutions to nagging problems in their culture.

All in all, such an approach is short-sighted, skin-deep literally and figuratively and is down to ignorance and the proliferation of ignorance among their midst.

for the other part, anti-racist propaganda reeks of pitiness, sympathy and condescension, spend an enormous amount of effort on terminology and technicality and doe not take into consideration or is oblivious of the real reason of why a culture's individuals should shed and shun all negative notions for individuals from other cultures and let the flow of ideas move unhindered from culture to culture, the cross-cultural exchange.

the shrewd store-keepers, display their products ingeniously, usually individuals with an insatiable thirst for wealth and power. In their pursuit for wealth and power they require unconditional undivided support for their schemes to work plays with their fears cashes in on their ignorance
deeply involved are address the most basic instincts
in their employ the race's intellectual elite who by their skills in prose, verse or oratory tirelessly, effectively and efficiently declare the prowesses of their race. To accomplish such a task, it requires a comparison guide, something to compare against, easily to be found in members of other races which wholeheartedly denigrate. This, by no means being the sole privilege of any particular race. All races possess or possessed willing participants who taken up, lost in the swirling embrace of their magnificent elaborate exposition and want of admiration advanced the pride of their race to ever dizzier heights contributed bred wholesome ideas bred on the state of ignorance, not seeking to understand, refusing to reason and instead customed to hate.

Avoid these all-annoying tingling, fanciful agitations in your brain, they call thinking, time consuming. Instead use easy to use solutions, will ease your problems, success guaranteed. Special discounts for our young clientèle. You can explain everything. Each culture has its own all-in-one shop of off-the-self ideas about members of other cultures and each of us (has bought) must have experienced their effects. In cultures kept isolated from other cultures this is not a problem. The problem arises when in a society there are more than one influential culture.

That was ok 100 1000 years ago when travel and communication was minimal and people seldom ventured outside their limited boundaries and formulated their culture whereas purely matter of limited contact kept them ignorant and distant of other cultures and their members and the only contact they had was based on the grounds of their differences which were bringing up disputes which were often resolved by the knife, in heroic battles for the nourishment of their ethnic identity and belittlement of other cultures ethnic identity.
What then? Of course as each culture representative use its own culture corner shop, to purchase his of-the-shelf values, there would be problems of various extent. Do we need that? We need a culture shop, it expresses the continuity in our lives,it somehow blends with our disposition and with our genetic make-up.
What we do not need are the of-the-self images about the members of other cultures. The stereotypes produced. It induces people to behave in ways alien to the disposition, as is defined in their culture. Against their true disposition. Multicultural societies present a great opportunity for co-existent cultures. Each culture to assimilate within it, revised ideas about the stereotypes of other culture and their significance is valuable in the establishment of a state of harmony in the world. Its whenever, when you try to apply it doesn't fit. What do you do then? You return the goods to the shop and demand refund. You demand another that deals (with) that easily fits the situation or ignore any discrepancies, dismiss them (as details) and continue to use the old ill-fitting model, ignoring any protests from the ill-fitted subject, and blaming the subject not the model.

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