Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Act in comedy series operate under chaos directives

     abc1 sitcom comedy "Less than perfect" episode, Lydia's (played by Andrea Parker) and Jeb's (played by Patrick Warburton) relationship reaches breakpoint when innuendos about imaginary dates shake each other emotionally and physically, leaving both shattered, as each other's comments, about going-out on dates with other people, undermines their system of beliefs, by creating shifts on the initial conditions upon which the system of their relationship has been built.

      Life situations tinkering with chaos determinants as the punts, the innuendos, the jibes, are targeted to shake up the initial conditions each has established its personality structure around, a bona fide system by itself, entitled to the same treatment as hard-edged systems as the weather, by the all-including chaos principles of universality and self-similarity. The shattering of their relationship structure similar to hurricane development in a weather system, symmetry of large to small scales, as both cases respond violently to minute changes in the initial conditions.

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