Monday, 16 March 2009

Our current states represent the initial conditions of our future states.

Our current states represent the initial conditions of future states. On which chaotic development will be based upon and, along the lines of chaos initial conditions sensitive dependence principle, will unfold.

Past states are of little or no consequence to the chaos developing future states. They are effectively forgotten. Each moment is a good start for a new beginning.

Past states will certainly have shaped our current initial conditions but they are within our control. We should cut the ties that past events have created, all the unnecessary baggage that is holding us back, select the conditions chaos will apply its sensitive dependence upon, assume control on the future states.

Adverse, debilitating conditions should not be left to determine the future states ahead. Selecting, focusing and concentrating on conditions which will maximise benefit. Working towards beneficial future states. Future states certainly are unknown but they are prone to guidance.

Trial and error? Constant change? Directed?

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