Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Our lives, soap bubbles.

We build our lives along apparently rigid solid foundations but in reality they are nothing but fragile soap bubbles that a little prick will burst them open, shedding their contents wide open. In the meantime we go about undeterred, oozing from assurance, boasting content within our little worlds unaware and unprepared from that little prick that lurks around the corner.

The little prick, the insignificant fluttering from a tiny butterfly will wreak havoc in our lives. Immersed deeply we go about in the world among other individuals, with their lives similar soap bubbles, and built together bigger soap bubbles. We share our ideas, our ways of life, we relate to and become even more content and secure. But again the fact remains, that these bigger bubbles are just as fragile and just a little prick will burst them open too.

In fact our whole world is just a soap bubble too which accordingly a tiny little prick will burst it open. All the furore of global warming bears witness. Though it does not need that. The conditions that make our world able to support life are so fragile that a tiny perturbation, in comparison, on either side would have made it inhospitable and our human presence doubtful.

We live at an edge whether we like it or not. We can not do anything. The only thing we can do is to be aware of it and from time to time it pays to come out of our bubbles and look at them exactly as they are. Soap bubbles that a little prick can burst them open, as we talk.

It will make our lives and the lives of other individuals around us easier.

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