Friday, 9 November 2007

I was impressed last time out in the blogs. Some of my consciousness strings got pulled, and by consciousness I refer to the things I pay attention to, the things I hold dear, the things I find important, the things I find worth reading, talking and listening about.
I felt like I was paying a visit and had a chat. Got to know you. I kept some things of yours for myself though. Like the profound "I am greater than the sum of my parts", what better way for one to describe oneself, the strange dislikes (fish eggs) some people have, the "insurmountable inertia of mere existence" whereas another blog stated that as we grow "we absorb our culture's arrogant conviction that we manufacture everything" in protest against looking at the world as raw material in need of our ingenuity to put value in. I think probably they will not see eye to eye with the blog where passion is framed and used to promote sales, a commodity. From the same circles still there comes a deep insight of human nature, a measure of the influence each has over another as they elaborate on the concept of "social proof, a powerful psychological mechanism by which we look to others to guide our own actions", the recent massacre in a school in Finland stands as an example.
A similar website offered tips about blogging but I prefer the kind of blogging where you put your stream-of-consciousness window into your faulty mind out there, and it attracts like-minded readers and when I can go on your blog and in your brain via the internet.

I agree.


  1. I don't think my dislike for fish eggs is all that strange. One might conclude it's a bit strange that someone somewhere at some time thought to him or herself "oh look a fish, I wonder what it would taste like if I rolled it's eggs up in rice and then ate it for a snack". lol

  2. Hey, I just found this in the Technorati rankings for my blog--thanks for the shout out! Oh and I don't like fish eggs either--in fact just last night I had a nightmare about having to eat some caviar and EEUUCCHH!!!