Monday, 23 April 2012

leaders .. each and everyone of us. It is merely a matter of scope that differentiates each leader out of us from another.

..leaders each and everyone of us.. can one .. wiggle its way out of.. of what? .. this paradox ..

Welcome to Procentus Consulting

"The new ‘now’ is with us as a core feature of the foreseeable future."

defining .. the new ‘now’ .. with my apologies .. to what avail these are ..deemed as necessary or appropriate ..

if that term is ..appropriate .. in the current situation .. and what I try to achieve

The challenges are immense.

a revelation .. what I can call it .. and push forth a humble ..apology ..
to a fellow man ..pursuing ..its very own line ---

leaders .. each and everyone of us .. humanity as a whole ..leadered .. is merely a matter of scope that differentiates each leader out of us from another.

from us ..being leaders in our lives .. to being leaders for the immediate circle that surround us .. to ..ever widening circles .. possible and potential ..

limitless .. boundless ..for .. each and every one .. separately .. and for humanity at large ..

.. concentric circles .. all-inclusive .. and .. thoroughly included in all ..

the only definition to the human individual .. none other .. than that .. that includes the leadership attribute ..

the fact remains .. the leadership qualities .. are for us all .. no one is excluded ..

something that ought to accompany all the ..leadership wares .. one(s) are ..peddling ..

for any leader .. that extends its scope .. of leading .. beyond its very own life .. its immediate circle ..

- it is paramount .. to sink into us .. in the psyche .. of what is represented .. as a human individual .. as ..humanity -

that this individual ..seeks be a leader .. of leaders ..

that is the challenge .. for each one of us .. that extends its reach to such scope ..

for leading .. beyond its very own life ..

that we are .. leaders .. each and every one of us ..not sheep ..

what ..ought not .. to be ignored .. scorned at .. ridiculed ..

the challenges the world faced in its long history .. and faces .. it is none other than .. the realization .. sinking hard on ..consciousnesses

as individuals .. constantly .. and continuously .. persistant .. and unstoppable .. for the heck of it ..

strive to assume their .. rights .. inalienable as they are .. to lead their lives ..against the odds .. that societies evolution ..has left upon humanity's shoulders .. the baggage to bear .. as bit by bit .. that aforesaid baggage shaken off .. and discarded .. dust in the wake of humanity's progress ..

forsaken .. would be .. when would-be leaders .. choose to ignore .. that the ones they want to lead .. are leaders .. as well ..

only to be reminded of .. as they have been .. and .. would be.. usually the hard way .. an inescapable consequence ..

a hint for the remaining .. usurpers of human will .. wherever they are ..a gentle reminder .. that ought to be heeded .. if not to be left to escalate .. to a stark reminder ..

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