Thursday, 16 February 2012

The bottomless pit. The microscales of the human structures dissipating the energy stored in money. The paradox of economy.

BBC News - Greece bailout: Eurozone calls for tighter oversight via @addthis

"Earlier, Mr Schaeuble said: "We can help, but we are not going to pour money into a bottomless pit."

agreed ..

but time for Mr Schaeuble .. to get his maths right .. his physics .. into a proper perspective ..

the epitomisation .. of the bottomless pit .. the microscales .. fractally revealed .. microscales .. where energy is dissipated ..

money .. represent ..spending power .. the energy the individual is afforded .. once they are its possession ..

pour money .. into bottomless pit .. into the microscales .. of the human structures .. energy siphoned .. down to the ..microscales .. and the microscales .. are vast .. endless .. can never be satisfied .. no matter how vast .. the energy-carrying potential money accumulates ..

money .. a store of energy .. money as such .. do not go down ..any bottomless pit .. the energy stored in them .. it is what goes down .. the bottomless pit .. the microscales ..of society ..

energy ..dissipated .. witnessed as ..spending .. curb spending .. to stop the flow of money .. but their flow .. can not be curbed .. as they continue to store the energy .. even when this energy .. has been spent .. and can be spent .. again and again .. as long as money is possessed by individuals ..

.. curb spending .. stop pouring money into a bottomless pit .. but that does never happen .. money continue to float .. never out of circulation ..

.. money do not disappear .. once they are spent .. that is the paradox .. Mr Schaeuble .. has to deal with ..

and if money .. do not disappear when they are spent .. where do the go .. an answer that everyone .. has ..handy ..

into the hands ..of the final recipient .. into the vaults of the banks .. or whoever .. whatever entity .. makes it the goal .. of its existence ..

.. what remains .. is the .. that money affords to people .. the energy ..spending .. encapsulated in money ..

what keeps the whole spiral ..going .. advances humanity ..

it is ..stingy to deprive people .. of such .. enjoyment ..

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