Sunday, 14 November 2010

Axiomatic societies

As if they come by themselves, out of nowhere. Why? Because they come, from out of the system boundaries, the supersystem, or the inclusive system, the system including the system under observation, under study. Be that the system that we live in.

The previous paths, the paths already in, within the system are circumvented, they are not visited any more, they are not included in the paths taken, the new paths.

As the paths do not include the ideas, whose extent is confined within the system, that avoids clashes inherent in the system, only. The feeling of helplessness and loss disappears, it does not materialise.

Clashes ensue following the paradigm of Gödel, as they develop out of contradicting rules that nullify each other, as a result there is loss of consistency

"Gödel proved fundamental results about axiomatic systems showing in any axiomatic mathematical system there are propositions that cannot be proved or disproved within the axioms of the system."

To get away from the idea, that using Gödel's theorems, outside what is meant to be in the first place, namely mathematical systems, or even the volumes of Principiae Mathematica, is wrong.

In the particular case, of states, governments and societies, they are all axiomatic. Being systems based on axioms, values that are evident, without further arguments. And they are axiomatic, as it is widely based on values that they are regarded as evident without proof or argument.

the whole of society is based upon axioms

In a world that is based on money, it is unthinkable to be without money and certainly you will find quite a lot of things to ease your 'pain' and add comfort to your life
But think about, in a world that is not based on money, what would be the 'value', of the things you value in a world based on money? Would that 'value' change? Would, the demand on our lives, be less taxing for comfort sought? Comfort achieved without 'paying' high 'prices'?
Then the question is .... without buried into the 'how-to-mechanics' .... only expressing choice
What world would you prefer? With or without money.

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