Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hard-nosed productivity, the Procrustes bed, for innovation and creativity.

In Mashable, the social media guide, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told Barbara Walters flat out that “We are not for sale.”

Further in the article it is pointed out that,

"Yahoo recently announced it was shutting down Geocities,..",
"Google (Google reviews) shutdown both Jaiku and Dodgeball .."
"MySpace (MySpace reviews) has languished and lost its lead in social networking since being purchased by News Corp."

Hard-nosed productivity, a tomb, for innovation and creativity. Creativity, as is widespread in all individuals, of all walks of life, hard-nose productivity, a Procrustes bed. As they, would stretch and shrink, creativity and creative individuals, to fit their 'Procrustean bed', drooling in hiding, sizing up profits, what they will squeeze out of the social sites.

Why would they not be content, in what they have, and try instead to make better the product, they are best at. To go with the flow instead of converging the flow, cashing it in, to their tills.

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